Kristin Sorani - Amazing Love CD

As I looked into a new year I thought about my goals for 2002.  I’ve always appreciated the opportunity to glorify God with the gift He’s given me and I thought it would be fun to create a CD.  What genre of music was the next question?  I’m vocally trained in classical and I love Broadway. I sing kids songs to our daughter yet I am finding great joy in singing primarily praise and worship songs to our Lord and Creator.  He is the one who has given me this voice and thus it made sense to start here.

My prayer through the song titles in this CD is:  Lord, I am overwhelmed at HOW BEAUTIFUL the body of Christ truly is.  I wonder if I WOULD KNOW YOU NOW if You walked into my room.  Would I be caught up in other things too busy to notice You, or would I know You right away?  Lord, may I BE a light that shines for you and Lord, please, make me all that I can be.  Give me the strength to be the person you have created me to be.  I know that in order to be that person I will have to get out of the way!  Thus, give me the strength to surrender to your ways.  Remind me that this life is not about me but about your bigger picture (JESUS, LOVER OF MY SOUL).  I am A CHILD OF GOD learning to bask in your love that Fathers me.  YOU ALONE are all that I need as YOU ARE MY KING (AMAZING LOVE).  It is your amazing love that allows me to TRADE MY SORROWS for joy.  I BELONG TO YOU and no other.  You offer me so much and all I offer you is my soul and my hearts desire to worship you (AS THE DEER).  Your holy presence living in me is the air that I freely BREATHE.  Because THE HOLY HEART was broken, I can call myself your own.  Amen!   

My hope is that you will not only enjoy this album but that it will lead you in times of deeper love and worship to our Heavenly Father.  His love is so amazing and something that deserves to be shared.

Individual Tracks